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Program Partners

Partner Check In

Photo by Deb Miller

Program Partner Check-In

Greetings Partners and associates of the Nebraska Master Naturalist Program!

As our program continues to grow and expand, we want to check in with your organization to see how your experience with our members has been in so far this year. Our goal is to check in with our partnering organizations twice a year. This is a platform where we can communicate the successes and needs your program may have in relation to the use of NMNP volunteers. Please take a few minutes answer the questions below. It will greatly help the NMNP in our efforts to meet the needs of our partnering programs and our volunteer membership.

Your Feedback is Appreciated!

What type of Master Naturalist Volunteers have you used most?

Our Impact to Date Since 2010

  • Trained Master Naturalists


  • Volunteer Hours


  • Volunteer Projects


  • Impact Value


  • Pioneers Park
    Pioneers Park
  • CPBS
  • Nebraska Wildlife Rehab
    Nebraska Wildlife Rehab
  • Wildcat Hills Nature Center
    Wildcat Hills Nature Center
  • Prairie Plains Resource Institue
    Prairie Plains Resource Institue
  • Bird Conservancy of The Rockies
    Bird Conservancy of The Rockies
  • UN State Museum
    UN State Museum
  • Hastings Museum
    Hastings Museum
  • Riverside Discovery Center
    Riverside Discovery Center
  • Prairie Loft
    Prairie Loft
  • Nebraska Wildlife Federation
    Nebraska Wildlife Federation
  • Glacier Creek Prairie Preserve
    Glacier Creek Prairie Preserve
  • Nebraska Invasive Species Program
    Nebraska Invasive Species Program
  • Audubon Society of Omaha
    Audubon Society of Omaha
  • Edgerton Explorit Center.
    Edgerton Explorit Center.
  • Claire M Hubbard Foundation
    Claire M Hubbard Foundation
  • Central Nebraska Public Power & Irrigation District
    Central Nebraska Public Power & Irrigation District
  • Hugo A. and Thelma Aspegren Foundation
    Hugo A. and Thelma Aspegren Foundation
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