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Nebraska Master Naturalist Program Board of Directors

Photo by Julius Lehosky

Claire Bostelman

Originally from Omaha, and now living in central Nebraska, I obtained my master naturalist certification in 2015 in Denton at the Spring Creek Nature Preserve.

I like to think that my story is one that fits an audience the Naturalists are trying to engage; people whose careers are unaffiliated with conservancy, but engage them so deeply that their lives are altered because of it. While my knowledge of scientific information is limited (but continually expanding!), I offer a set of skills including marketing expertise, relationship building, and enthusiasm.

My interests specifically within the Master Naturalist realm focus in on citizen science and resource management. More often than not, my volunteer hours are earned through work in the fields at The Nature Conservancy in Wood River, but I've also recently helped at the Nebraska State Fair, with controlled burns outside of Lincoln, and through monitoring prairies outside of Hastings. I’d love to continue building the partnerships with other organizations that are doing outstanding work in the states, and help them find volunteers to execute their objectives.

I am so excited to serve on the Board for the Nebraska Master Naturalists, and continue to grow the impact of volunteers in the state!

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