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Request a Nebraska Master Naturalist Volunteer!

Thank you for taking the time to complete this Volunteer Request Form seeking a Certified Nebraska Master Naturalist to assist you with a natural resource outreach or service program.

PLEASE NOTE that this email will be processed and then distributed directly over our volunteer network. We will not follow up. If you do not receive a response from one of our volunteers, it is possible that you have not provided enough detail or our volunteers are not available. Contact us if you need further assistance.

Master Naturalists are highly skilled, dedicated natural resource volunteers available to assist you with outreach and interpretation, resource management and conservation, citizen science and research, and outdoor skills and recreation. Each Master Naturalist has a unique skill set, and is available upon request for a variety of different projects that contribute to the conservation of natural resources in Nebraska.

Thank you for allowing us to help you with your natural resource volunteer needs! Call 402-472-8689 for more information.

Help us to better understand your volunteer needs.
If you have some interesting information to share with our volunteers, but are not sure which category it falls into, select 'Master Naturalists Check This Out!'
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*If you are an individual and are not part of a specific organization, put n/a.
Be sure to include dates, locations, time, websites, or any other information which would help our Master Naturalists know more about what activities you need help with.

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  • Pioneers Park
    Pioneers Park
  • CPBS
  • Nebraska Wildlife Rehab
    Nebraska Wildlife Rehab
  • Wildcat Hills Nature Center
    Wildcat Hills Nature Center
  • Prairie Plains Resource Institue
    Prairie Plains Resource Institue
  • Bird Conservancy of The Rockies
    Bird Conservancy of The Rockies
  • UN State Museum
    UN State Museum
  • Hastings Museum
    Hastings Museum
  • Riverside Discovery Center
    Riverside Discovery Center
  • Prairie Loft
    Prairie Loft
  • Nebraska Wildlife Federation
    Nebraska Wildlife Federation
  • Glacier Creek Prairie Preserve
    Glacier Creek Prairie Preserve
  • Nebraska Invasive Species Program
    Nebraska Invasive Species Program
  • Audubon Society of Omaha
    Audubon Society of Omaha
  • Edgerton Explorit Center.
    Edgerton Explorit Center.
  • Claire M Hubbard Foundation
    Claire M Hubbard Foundation
  • Central Nebraska Public Power & Irrigation District
    Central Nebraska Public Power & Irrigation District
  • Hugo A. and Thelma Aspegren Foundation
    Hugo A. and Thelma Aspegren Foundation
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