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Photo by Adrian Olivera

VO: Volunteer Work Days on Haines Branch Prairie Corridor

Saturday, September 26, 2020
9:00 am12:00 pm
Varies - See body of message

Salt Valley MNs:

If you’re anything like me, you like to plan ahead as much as possible, so to help with that I’m going to start recurring volunteer work days called “Second Saturdays on the Prairie.” Here’s how it will work: if you’re interested in habitat restoration, stream clean-ups, prairie seed planting or harvesting and other “muddy boots” projects, block out the morning of the second Saturday each month. That will be your tentative placeholder – not for ALL volunteer opportunities; just the ones I’m coordinating. As always, there will be other projects that pop-up throughout the year and I’ll let you know about those when they pertain to the Prairie Corridor. Some of those could be on weekdays.

Will we meet every second Saturday? Nope, but I hope to! (You know, Nebraska weather and all.) If we get rained out, I plan to reschedule to the following week if possible. I’m going to plan April’s work on the 18th because of Easter weekend (I know that’s the Red/White game but you’ll be home in time to watch it on TV ;-) The rest of the year looks pretty good “second-Saturday-wise.”

So, I will have projects pre-planned and will be watching the weather forecast. I’ll send a reminder with details early to mid-week with a go / no-go decision for March 14 along with specifics about that day’s project.

Here's a Second Saturday preview for your calendar

February 29, previously announced clean-up day at Denton Prairie, then “second Saturday” schedule starts

March 14 – Bobcat Prairie – cedar removal (small ones that can be cut with hand tools)

April 18 – Denton Prairie – fence removal, general clean up

May 9 – Bobcat Prairie – fence removal and stream-clean up

June 13 – Bobcat Prairie – one draw has an old wooden deck and other debris to be removed

July 11 –TBD; Stream clean-up or that’s about the time of year to cut out musk thistle at Spring Creek, maybe

August 8 – TBD – Maybe depart from the Prairie Corridor and do stream clean up at Trendwood Park (unless one of you is planning to schedule that at another time)

September 12 – Help plant 1,000 prairie violets at Pioneers Park (this exact date is tentative based on Parks & Rec department’s schedule/needs)

October 10 – Prairie seed harvest – TBD

November 14 – Prairie seed harvest – TBD

December 12 – Put our feet up and meet for an adult beverage? Matt, we can count that as volunteer “restoration”, right? ;-)

I hope this helps everyone with your volunteer planning. Thanks for all you do. See you in the field!

Mike Ford, NMN ‘15

Volunteer Coordinator

Prairie Corridor on Haines Branch


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